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Spanish California , visit this article.

Mexican California, visit this article.

American California, visit this article

These are links we have found helpful relating to Early California history, culture, and genealogy:


AOL Hispanic Genealogy group

California Genealogy

Carrillo Family of Sonoma County

Carrillo photo bios

Cindi’s List

Family Chronicle

Genealogy of Mexico


LDS Family search

Los Californianos organization

SHHAR organization

Surname Search


1681 Recopilacion de Leyes de Indias de las Universidades

1895 Californai Atlas

Bancroft Library Portrait Collection

Calif. Constitution of 1849

California Digital Library

California History Quarterly

California Landmarks by County

California Mission Studies Assn.

Campo de Cahuenga

Desert Documentary-The Spanish Years 1767-1821

Discovery of Los Angeles

El Pueblo de Los Angeles

El Pueblo Historic park

Historic Cemetries of Los Angeles

Los Angeles name origins

Los Angeles Public library

Mission 2000 Project

Mission San Luis Rey Cemetry


Photos of Historic Los Angeles

Regional History Collection Inventory

Royal Presidio of San Diego

Spanish/ Mexican Land Grant Maps

The Autry Museum of Western Heritage

United States Historical Census Data Browser


Alta Cocina- Mexican Cuisine

American Memory/ Library of Congress

American Memory/ Library of Congress

Arizona State Museum

Borderland Books

Bureau of Land Management in California

California Collection at Rosemead library

California genealogy- Rich Hill

Catholic Encyclopedia: California Mission

LA Convention & Visitor bureau

Los Angeles Public library photo database

Loyola Marymount Special Collections

McPherson Collection Honnold/ Mudd Lib

Nat’l Archives & Records Administration

Nat’l Union Catalog of Manuscript collections & Records Administration

Parish Archives of Sonora & Sinaloa, Mex

Rare & Used Books Bibliofind

Soldadoes of Early California

The Palos Verdes Library: Local History

United States Historical Census Data Browser