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The need for free child support calculators

It goes without saying that you always want to give your child the best things in life, whether or not you have separated from your spouse. Indeed, it is the right of every child to get financial support from their parents until they reach the adult age. Therefore, when a court of law authorizes divorce between a couple that had children together, the subject of child support is discussed at length. According to the jurisdiction in question, either the father or the mother of the child can be called upon by the court to make periodic payments for the children’s’ maintenance. These payments are calculated using a child support calculator.


Child Support Calculator

A child support calculator is a software that can be used to calculate the amount of money a parent is required to pay towards the upkeep of a child after divorce or separation. These calculators are readily available online, and they are of great help. All you need to do is to confirm that the calculator has been programmed in the right manner before you start using it. Some of these calculators are free.

How Is Child Support Calculated?

calculator 1Several factors are considered when calculating child support. The income of the parent in question is one of these factors. Only a fraction of this income goes to child support. The amount of child support also depends on the area that you live in, and of course, the number of children you are paying for. There are various child support guidelines stipulated by the Federal Divorce law. These guidelines specify how child support should be calculated in various situations, how the payments should be made and what should be done in case the payments are not made. Calculation of child support is supposed to be fair to all. The children should get the support that they deserve, and the obligors should be required to pay an amount that they can afford.

So, What Is The Importance Of A Child Support Calculator?

Child support calculators are evidently handy in divorce cases. They are used by lawyers in a court of law to calculate the amount of money required for child support after divorce. With the calculator, the obligor knows what to pay at what time, and the obligee knows what to expect. This makes budgeting easy. There are simplified child support calculators that offer the basic calculations. More advanced calculators provide more complex systems such as shared custody situations.

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In summary, free child support calculators help a great deal in determining child support settlements in divorce cases. Please note that the calculator will only give you a guideline on the amounts to pay according to a standardized formula. The court always has the final word.


Los Pobladores, Los Angeles’ Founding Families,1781

Los Pobladores 200Los Pobladores 200
Descendants Of  The Founders
El   Pueblo  de  Los Angeles, 1781
Ancestral Heritage Association
ph. 949) 653-1088


President: Maria G. Benitez

Vice-President: Maria Moreno

Treasurer: Richard Ontiveros

Secretary: Margaret Ontiveros

Newsletter: Bob Smith

History: Richard Ontiveros

Membership: Robert Lopez

Ways and Means: vacant

Parliamentarian: Joe Northrup

Web coordinator: Maria Moreno

Los Pobladores 200 is an Ancestral Heritage Association, founded in 1981 by Joseph Murillo Northrop (a founding family descendant) and his wife Marie E. Northrop. The primary goal was to locate and organize present day descendants of the original founding families of Los Angeles .Since then the organization has grown to 250 current members with descendants throughout the US. The name Los Pobladores 200 was used because it was organized on the 200th anniversary of the founding of Los Angeles, Sept. 4th 1981. Los Pobladores means “the towns’ people”. It’s main purpose is to perpetuate Los Angeles’ early history through its involvement and ongoing research in genealogy and family history. Our membership is comprised of direct descendants of the original 11 families and 4 escort soldiers (escolta). The original Founding Families names are listed on our Members page along with current descendants and membership quidelines.
Los Pobladores Bar-B-Q, Fund raiser and General meeting. Saturday, June 15th, 2002- Heritage Park, Santa Fe Springs From 11:00 noon to 3:00.12100 Mora Dr. Santa Fe Springs, Ca. 90670  Price for Adults $12.50 and children 5-12yrs. $8.00  You can purchase tickets by sending check made out to Los Pobladores. PO Box 3392La Habra, Ca 90631-3392.
Or contact Bob Smith or Maria Benitez for more details.Map to Heritage Park.


4th of July-El Pueblo de Los Angeles and Fort Moore celebrate Independence Day,  9:00am. A short walk from Olvera St. to Fort Moore approx. 15min. Various organizations participate with music, family activities, and brunch.

Labor Day “History Walk”, Monday,September 2nd, 2002. Celebrate Los Angeles’ 221st Birthday. Celebrations start with this annual history walk  which traces the steps of LA founding families. Walkers start at 6:00am at San Gabriel Mission and finish at Olvera Street. There will be entertainment through out the day at El Pueblo State Historic Park.

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